[PANN] NH Bank fires model Han So-hee

“NH Bank has decided to break up with actress Han So-hee”… Contract expires early this month
NH Nonghyup Bank has terminated its exclusive contract with actress Han So-hee (29).
The actress, who was selected as a model for NH Nonghyup Bank in 2021, worked for three years until the beginning of this month. NHBNK is reportedly looking for a new star model as its exclusive contract expires and is scheduled to begin promotions soon.
Previously, Han So-hee announced legal action after admitting to being in a relationship with Ryu Jun-yeol (37). When malicious comments called ‘transit love’ poured in from Ryu Jun-yeol.
At the time, the agency said, “It is true that he went to Hawaii,” and “It is each actor's private life.”
Han So-hee has been working as a model since 2021, but today she published an article saying she is changing models.
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NH Bank chose Han So-hee as its model.

One. [+86, -12]
Using Hyeri
2. [+83, -8]
I didn’t have such a clean and trustworthy image before, so how did I end up shooting a bank commercial? Haha.
three. [+78, -3]
Model image is very important in the financial industry.

4. [+63, -7]
I transferred it from the bank haha.

5. [+46, -3]
NH is good at what he does.
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