[INSTIZ] Wow you can see Jennie’s skin so clearly here

I feel so healthy because of how good his skin looks even so close…
I also know Jennie has makeup on here, but if she had bad skin, you could still notice it even with makeup.

Source: Instiz / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Wow you can see Jennie’s skin so clearly here.

1. But it almost has no pores….

2. But her makeup is much lighter than I expected.

3. His face is very small…

4. It has no pores…

5. What is the shape of Jennie’s eyebrows called? Is that considered straight eyebrows?

6. She has no blank spaces on her face… She is very small.

7. No, but I was wondering how sincere she seemed when reading the title and seriously, you can see all her wrinkles and pores.

8. Really pretty… so pretty…

9. This is an extremely close shot, but his face still looks incredibly small.

10. Wow, look how clear her pores look… her skin is really good.
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