Do you love tattoos or not?

“Women with tattoos

They do not get tattoos for your liking.
I am getting a tattoo since I love it so mind your own business”

1. [+207, -19]
That is exactly what I believe but I do not believe that they make your body more beautiful but look as graffiti. They just look messy

2. [+190, -11]
I am fine with little ones. Large ones are really so-so

3. [+173, -13]
You simply have one body so it is a waste. You cannot reverse it right?

4. [+84, -2]
I am scared to get tired of it so I am not getting one. Even hair, beauty products and clothes change with trends. Will not you get tired of watching similar tattoo on your body? I feel like I’d. So I cannot get one.

5. [+81, -12]
What is up with the comments here..? I do not care about what other men and women do. I think it is amusing that folks still point out that tattoos make you look cheap or perhaps whatnot in our generationㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+64, -42]
Truthfully, they look cheap to me. But I cannot say it outwardly since it is the preference of theirs

7. [+47, -2]
Perhaps since I have just seen folks with excessive tattoosㅠ but I do not particularly need get one

8. [+46, 0]
I do not care in case my friend gets one but if my someone or boyfriend I am marrying gets one, I’d hate it,.ㅋㅋ Of course , I do not wish to buy one on myself either

9. [+45, -2]
I have a tattoo of the cat of mine and I am super happy. I am happy that we will be together for my entire life

10. [+42, 0]
Tattoos also follow trends.. Star shaped tattoos were f*cking popular around ten years now and ago folks find them countrified and no one is getting them. They are going to stay with you forever and I feel like I might regret so I cannot get myself to obtain one

11. [+41, -18]
I believe that what they say here’s very true so I do not want any tattoo


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