Fans have seen Yoona at Lee Junho’s solo concert


Article: “Yoona is at Junho’s concert” fans and the internet are freaking out at the sight

Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+53, -52] They should date. They look good together.

– [+3, -3] Hey, people were happy when Park Jin Young came to his first concert too

– [+15, -2] Please stop encouraging this

– [+14, -2] They have already issued a statement saying no

– [+17, -6] They are not dating. Yoona is always loyal to her friendships and is known to attend the events of her celebrity friends

[+43, -1] They should be close after all those years spent as an idol + together. There was nothing unusual about him going to his friend’s concert. Parents are so one sided that they automatically think they should date… just proves that some of you have never dated in your life.

[+39, -11] As the years passed, she became more beautiful, more cool

[+33, -4] They all started as idols of their groups who became the best boys and girls in the country at their peak! And now they are coming together as actors for a drama that hit #1 on the world charts… Yoona is a loyal friend for attending her concert, and I’m sure that he will also do it if he does one.

[+31, -12] It’s great to see…

[+28, -2] Enough with the dating information, there’s nothing wrong with friends going out of their way to support each other; there were a lot of famous people at IU’s concert, is she dating them all? ㅡㅡ

[+28, -8] They looked great together in ‘King the Land’

[+26, -25] I wish they were dating

[+23, -1] Love them both

[+14, -1] Yoona can do 100 times better, though~ ㅋㅋ Junho is a bit below her level.

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