Ryu Jun-yeol, breaks silence and maintains silence

article“Silence was the best” Ryu Jun-yeol explains Han So-hee's dating rumor and greenwashing controversy

source: Star News through Nate

[+405, -41] Now that I think he's dead, he's finally opening his mouth haha. He's so cowardly haha. Even when he finally speaks, it's pathetic haha. Yeah, this guy will never understand…

[+245, -16] The two women were greatly hurt by the social media incident, and did he really think he could just stay quiet?…

[+151, -7] That person is so embarrassing

[+108, -7] And still he won't admit he did anything wrong. coward

[+81, -6] The only purpose his silence served was to tire his girlfriend out and make her give up…

[+27, -3] So did they think it was okay for Han So-hee to remain quiet while she was being shot? Why speak now that it's all over? It's really pathetic.

[+22, -0] If he had spoken from the beginning, the two women wouldn't have had to go through that.

[+20, -0] That guy is such a joke.

[+18, -0] He says he stays silent as if he is carrying everything, but his silence is closer to that of the audience. He had nothing in him.

[+17, -0] Just don't think your acting can make up for this.

[+16, -0] “It was the best choice to remain silent and endure everything” -> “(For me) it was the best choice to remain silent and let (Han So-hee) endure everything.”

[+14, -1] It's too ugly to do this

[+13, -1] That person is mean

[+12, -0] Nothing but cowards

[+11, -0] Hahahahaha you’re only saying this now? Isn't it too late? Because you were not silent… you were standing by.

[+11, -0] Well this is fun

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