[INSTIZ] Are Karina’s glasses trendy now?

Those rimless glasses? Is this a trend?

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Are Karina's glasses a trend now?
1. Rimless glasses have been trending for quite some time.
2. I've seen Ray use it
3. It’s a geek chic look.
4. It’s a trend haha.
5. Crazy…
6. This is my first time seeing Karina dressed like that, she looks really pretty.
7. Isn’t this called geek chic fashion?
8. I bought a pair last year and now I cry because they look so much like my dad.
9. Wow, Karina is really pretty hahaha Those glasses remind me of a Japanese cartoon… What does that teacher look like?
10. Wow, the trend is coming again haha. I was surprised to see Lee Sung-gyu wearing it in Qualifications of a Man.

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