Loona’s Yves was criticized by male fans of using slang used by feminists

Loona‘s Yves employed the term “himjo/find strength” in a spelling misogynist communities claim is used by feminists who are radical.

1. A normal person might read “himjo” and believe she’s spelling it like it’s cute, so who would conclude that she’s a feminist just off that and be angry upon her because of it? I suppose breathing could be considered feminism in the near future.

2. I believe that the majority of people didn’t realize that “himjo” is associated with that prior to this video. I’m just learning about it right now. It sounds like someone trying to say “himjwo” using more than aegyo?

3. There are numerous controversial terminologies these days that I’m embarrassed to look up these and adding more traction to their use. It’s a bit annoying that we need to be vigilant now.

4. I believe that a lot of people aren’t aware of the meaning of it than those who do. ..?? Yves most likely intended to use it in an aegyo manner.

5. It’s amazing that it’s considered to be controversial. Is it not necessary for idols to learn about female slang before launching this year?

6. Why do they make a noise about this. The majority of people don’t know the term is used in this way. Get her off her

7. It’s yet another instance of Korean men getting angry. Why are they making threats to quit the fandom since they’ve likely never streamed any music for the girls in the first instance?

8. What are they? And what are guys who are out to kill this time? The first Jammi as well as Yves?

9. Sad that nobody cares about the issue because they’re not popular! Loona fans, himjo!

10. Jammi has also used the term “himjo” and was hated to the point of death. What is it that you want to be killed over? In reality, it’s not difficult to get random phrases from various communities, especially when you have some friends who frequently use them, but it’s not fair to make assumptions about these kinds of things of someone simply because they’ve used a word similar to this. I can understand being skeptical if they used the word without context but these situations appear to be a bit forced.


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