[INSTIZ] I was sincere when Kim Go-eun debuted…

I thought she was so pretty
Face shape, harmony of features, aura, etc.
It was all very my style.
It is difficult to even create a face like this through surgery.

Seriously, she looked very beautiful.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Kim Go-eun’s sincerity when she debuted..

1. Me too… I've been a fan since Eungyo.

2. It’s so refreshing and honestly, so pretty.

3. A beauty you never get tired of looking at… The word 'pretty' is an understatement. She is beautiful….beautiful….

4. Your smile is so pretty

5. Seriously, I’m so happy these days…

6. It’s so pretty. Thanks to Pamyo, I fell in love with it again… It’s gorgeous.

7. To be honest, I never thought Monolith was pretty, but the only actress I think is really, really pretty is Kim Go-eun… I was surprised when I first saw Eung-kyo.

8. Please. Please let Kim Go-eun wear smokey makeup once again as a strong character. Seriously, you look amazing. I only saw round and fluffy character actingㅜㅜ.

9. I am a fool for not knowing how pretty that person was. I fell in love with her when I saw her at her press conference. She was really, really pretty.

10. She became… how can I put it… so classy. The harmony of facial features is crazy.
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