New photos of BTS 5 in training

New photos of <a href=BTS 5 in training

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Article: BTS 5 arrives at Chuncheon station

Source: Yonhap News via Nate + Nate

[+130, -40] It's also pretty all covered up like that

[+55, -27] It looks like something from a movie

[+44, -8] As one should

[+40, -26] When is this movie coming out? I've got to catch it in theaters

[+42, -23] Bare-faced but look how big his eyes are and how handsome he still looks. The SDT training is tight as hell so I hope it doesn't hurt and stay healthy.

[+33, -23] None of you should worry about his popularity while he is in the service. International armies are already in love with what is a military-trained pop star;;; This confirmed masculinity, especially when compared to Western idols, who did not even get through this training.

[+31, -21] Amazing SDT!! Stay healthy and keep well

[+14, -22] His profile looks crazy

[+12, -22] It's so beautiful, it's a shame that he didn't get the right opportunities with a face like that… I hope he gives it a try one day.

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