Jun Hyosung’s YouTube comments are still being attacked by haters over his comment from years ago.

Article: “You’re late taking pictures and you say you’re afraid to walk home at night?” Jun Hyosung’s YouTube is afraid of angry comments

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+784] After seeing the situation of someone who walked home only to be accidentally kicked by the Busan roundhouse kick guy, we should know that anyone can be the victim of an attack when going to the house Why is concern about that a problem for his enemies? When there are stories about serial killers who are women, aren’t the men always leaving comments like, “It’s so horrible to be human”? Why is it so wrong for women to feel dread on their walk home? This is not an issue they are making a fuss about;

[+268] Parents of girls always tell them to come home early, staying out is dangerous… and usually girls grow up to be more conservative than boys. I remember when there were public announcements about hidden camera crimes, people were very angry at the fact that men were treated like criminals from the skin … but I think that People need to stop and know that we are not targeting men, we are trying to give a voice to the victims of the days of abuse and stalking.

[+86] These haters are sad that there are no living people who can’t stand to live a day they don’t spend hating someone, trying to destroy them. All they need is one insult, one mistake to stick to it… It’s sad.

[+58] People should keep their mouths shut if they have never felt such fear. Even those of us who are not celebrities, a dark street at night is afraid to walk in, so imagine the double fear for a celebrity who can hide sasaeng fans in the shadows? I can honestly see why he’s scared for his life ㅜ I don’t think it’s fair to be mad at him for expressing that fear

[+28] There is so much thinking in this world, women should have the right to be able to say that they feel scared when they walk home alone at night. Why are you so angry, as his comment was directed at you?

[+23] If you are someone who took Jun Hyosung’s story and twisted it into something disgusting, you need to take a deep look at yourself. I think what he is saying is something that is still a big issue in our society, both past and present.

[+22] Sure, it might be better for him to “fear for his life” but don’t we all feel a little scared when we walk home late at night in the dark? It’s common for both men and women… I feel like a ghost about to pop out ㅜㅜㅜ

[+5] Jun Hyosung would be huge by now if he hadn’t jumped on the girl train…

[+-] So who told him to say such a stupid thing? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+-] He didn’t mention “men” as something he was afraid of in his first comment but the fact is men are jumping the gun and showing off, tsk tsk

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