[Youth Stories] Why don’t We Write a Self Letter to 2023

1. [+182, -1]
F*ck if you don’t succeed the SAT three times, I will destroy you

2. [+68, -0]
Congrats on turning into an adult ㅋㅋ Make sure you follow quite a life

3. [+50, -4]
Did all of your illnesses got much better?

4. [+15, -1]
Twenty years old me, first of all the, you’ve endured the teens of yours chock-full violence very well. Did you successfully pass the qualification exam of yours? You are actually preparing to get into college. Perhaps even in case you’ve to retake it, if you are intending getting used to the academy’s curriculum, you are a success to me. The you between 2020 as well as 2021 found it difficult adjusting to visiting winter school, though you could be resilient and grow through it. Therefore in case you are previously in a position to get into faculty, I am going to understand in the event that you did not have the greed to get into a much better faculty, though it is somewhat of a shame. This must ‘ve been the right option out there. Have you been eventually planning to pilates at the moment? Have your entire body gotten much better? If perhaps you observe this in 2023, I will be satisfied of you

5. [+14, -0]
Even in case it becomes tough, do not quit for the you of one year ago

6. [+13, -0]
Where have you been today? Were you equipped to resolve all of the bitterness in the heart of yours?

7. [+11, -0]
Congrats on the f*cking success in entering university ㅋㅋ Finally you are able to relax

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