[PANN] The reason why Han Sohee stopped studying abroad and debuted instead

PS(?): But debuting at 25 is late

MSM: I was actually admitted to a school.

PS: And you didn't go?

MSM: I couldn't go… I was admitted to a school in France. But the bank in my name must have had 60 million won… ($45,000) And I had problems with my visa. And where can I find 60 million won?

PS: Did you have to have that kind of money? Just to go to school?

MSM: Because there are many illegal immigrants… So seeing this, I started working part-time and if I worked 12 hours a day in a brewery, I would receive 1.8 million won (1.3 thousand dollars). And then I modeled for 2 hours and they paid me 3 million won (2.8 thousand dollars). I was modeling for this clothing brand called Musinsa and I got a job working for the Ritz.

HSH: And then I was surprised because I suddenly had 20 million won in my bank account. Since I didn't have an agency, there were no things like sharing fees. It was all for me! 20 million won!

PS: So all you had to do was pay taxes?

MSM: I thought “ok, this is it.” This is all! If I shoot 3 commercials with them, I'll earn my 60 million won and let's go (to France)! That's what I thought, but then things kept coming from left to right. The turning point of my life was that Ritz advertisement.

PS: So you could have already gone to your school abroad, but since the concerts kept coming, 20 million won (15 thousand dollars)! 40 million won (30 thousand dollars)! 60 million won! You learned what money tasted like.

HSH: I saw that Ritz ad and our CEO Hwang Bok-yong told me “try to act.” But I said “I'd hate it.” He kept telling me “Let's try acting once” and I said “I don't want it.”

PS: Ah~ so there was a lot of persuading to do.

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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: The reason why Han Sohee stopped studying abroad and debuted instead.

1. [+122, -3]
Being a celebrity is fucking lucrative but seeing how she was an amateur model and got 3 million earned for modeling for 2 hours and then filmed an ad and got 20 million, I can understand why non-celebrities film a show and then They quit their job completely. to enter the broadcasting industry.

2. [+83, -1]
But Han Sohee took in her grandmother and worked so hard at her part-time jobs that she debuted as an actress on her own. I find her cool because she made herself.

3. [+78, -0]
This is the reality, the people who work themselves to the bone and receive minimum wage and stand in front of a camera for just a brief moment in the end number in the thousands.

4. [+37, -1]
Seriously, her looks are what fuel her… She must have had a reality check after working part time.

5. [+26, -16]
Being a celebrity is indeed the best, and Han Sohee has one of the best faces among celebrities.
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