[INSTIZ] What's going on with Hyein's face these days?ㅠ

Seriously… she's still a baby, but I wonder how much prettier she'll become in the future.
Source: Instiz / translation: Ketizenstars

Article: How does Hyein look these days?ㅠ
1. The worst part is that she was 16 last year???? This baby's future is limitless
2. The looks and aura are crazy. Oh my god.
3. Min Hee Jin is truly an amazing person.. All the kids are crazy…
4. Seriously, it's so pretty!
5. New Jeans' youngest????
6. How can you have that kind of aura at that age?
7. Wow! That? This is amazing. This was the ugliest time…
8. Wow… how can a 17 year old girl do that?
9. New Jeans, you can be the center. Hyein is so pretty.
10. Is that person really younger than me?
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