[INSTIZ] Didn’t Girls’ Generation get put on trial because they did a live performance wrong?


I should have practiced since I was young, and there were so many malicious comments saying that if it was that bad, I should just become a singer. Watching the video again now, I really like how legendary it was back then. The reason I got criticized… It was much better than the digital version.


Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Didn’t Girls’ Generation get criticized for doing a bad live performance?

1. The members who were criticized back then could at least do vocals now, but they were the real generation back then.
2. Huh? I don’t remember hating it that much, but rather I only remember seeing a lot of praise!
> (OP) However, there are many subtitles in the video that say, ‘He’s not a dancer, he’s a singer.’
3. In the past, people were much stricter. At that time, many teenagers were so jealous of female idols that they dragged their feet and disliked even the smallest things. So the wave of hatred grew stronger.
4. Good members were always good, but…
5. I’m not saying it wasn’t good, but I thought only Taeyeon and Jessica were good.
6. It’s because of my inferiority complex hahahaha And at this time, I had to live a perfect life without being hated. Especially around 2007-2008, when Wonder Girls, Kara, and Girls’ Generation were active, ballads were such a big genre that the idol industry was also changing hahaha. The aversion to idols grew so much.
7. Back then, live performances were a given and the level was much higher compared to now. And because Girls’ Generation was the best, they were hated even more.
8. At the time, there was a strong prejudice that idols couldn’t sing, so I remember being criticized from all sides.
9. I was hated even more because the standards were very different from now.
10. This is why RM’s deleted video was so popular, but after that, no one cursed him live. Not only Girls’ Generation, but all idols were praised and hated for not being able to sing.
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