[PANN] All individual cuts of all 7 Baby Monster members have been released.

He's pretty in real life, but he looks even better in the video haha.
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Article: Personal cuts of all 7 Baby Monsters have been released.

One. [+46, -19]
Nothing catches my attention
2. [+38, -11]
I was scrolling and stopped when I saw a picture of that face, she was pretty.

three. [+31, -16]
Ahyeon is talented and the prettiest. She is in the top two along with Pharita.
4. [+30, -7]
The Japanese members aren't pretty either, so please leave one.
5. [+18, -5]
Wow, the first member is Ahyeon? I've been waiting for this since the Dangerously cover. Welcome back.
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