[INSTIZ] Which of the Espa members do you think will appear?

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Do you think there will be any members performing at Espa?

1. Winter performance is good.

2.winter..? She is a good actress!

3. I think Karina and Winter would be good for him.

4. In terms of acting, Karina and Winter may be good, but the actress types are Ningning and Giselle.

5. Giselle’s acting is surprisingly good. Minjeong must be faithful to the song, and Ningning must be faithful to the musical.

6. I think Giselle is the best.

7. It seems like everyone will be fine, but I don't think anyone will be.

8. winter

9. There are no actresses in the group, but Giselle…?

10. Giselle!! She has an aura
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