Chaewon deletes video of Doja Cat giving middle finger after posting

article: Le Seraphim Kim Chae-won uploaded video of suspension, then deleted… Gas poured into ‘skill controversy’

source: Sports trends through Nate

[+213, -3] It seems like the members have agreed to move toward their own spiritual victory.

[+134, -3] She is enough. She's not that pretty but she's been overhyped in the media so look how she acts now.

[+116, -2] Just a straight middle finger? no manners

[+92, -1] I'm more disappointed with how that issue was handled than my live performance.

[+52, -0] She benefited the most from Mnet's rigged program.

[+25, -0] I must have celebrity disease.

[+18, -0] So not only do I have no talent, but I also have the worst personality.

[+15, -0] Yes, I know you love Doja Cat so much that you plagiarized all of her songs.

[+13, -0] If you can't look at yourself objectively, you can never grow or develop. Think carefully about why BP's performance was well received and your performance was not. “Work hard”? Yeah, that means being top-notch, everyone should work hard… but instead you sit here and stick out your middle finger and act like Han So-hee.

[+12, -0] Is she bold enough to put her middle finger on the only job that allows her to make money even if she isn't good at singing? What are your future plans? She blames the haters and claims she now suffers from stage fright?

[+10, -0] What is happening to this institution? We should start character lessons from that Kalguksu member.

[+8, -0] You can see her true colors here

[+8, -0] Le Sserafim must be thinking he's succeeded because he's showing his true colors now.

[+7, -0] Huh~ stop

[+6, -0] this fun

[+6, -0] Now is not the time to talk like this.

[+6, -0] Look at me digging my own grave~

[+5, -0] It's fun hahahahaha

[+4, -0] What bullshit?

[+3, -0] Sakura is pretending to win over the critics, Kim Chae-won and Hong Eun-chae are holding up the middle finger… hahahahahahahahaha

[+3, -0] How did they form such a fitting group? All of the members have the lowest personality and skills ㅜㅜ….

[+3, -0] I was so immature… all I could say was “Let's try harder next time” and people would have cheered me on.

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