‘Running Man’ viewers are tired of Song Ji Hyo going on the show

Video: Running Man Song Ji Hyo went through a lot of personality conflicts, but the viewers were angry

Source: Feed Information + Grow Information via YouTube

[+199] I watch everything but I have to admit that I hardly get time for Song Ji Hyo anymore. She had some chemistry with Kwang Soo back when she was still around but now there’s nothing to lean on, and the love line with Kim Jong Guk wasn’t good either because there wasn’t much to it. to do.

[+113] I have to admit that he looks very different from what he was used to in the previous episodes

[+74] Aside from his romantic lines and being ‘ace,’ he’s never been a funny person so he’s completely devoid of character, I can see why viewers don’t like him well… although I think I’ll be sad if he decides to leave. It is sad that he is dealing with something but fighting.

[+46] The ‘Running Man’ fans don’t have many questions for Song Ji Hyo. We’re just asking him to stop spacing out in the middle of filming, make a bored face, stare at his phone… please pretend he’s trying. It’s been years since he gave up while paying thousands to the group. Does he think that other people don’t have other things to do? Kim Jong Guk has a sick mother, Haha’s daughter is struggling with a rare disease, and Ji Suk Jin hasn’t been paid by his agency either, but they are all working to without showing their feelings on screen. Please have a professional feel, especially if you get ‘Running Man’ paychecks going directly to your bank accounts. If you can no longer handle this situation, please step down, not only for your benefit but also for the honor of the members and the audience.

[+38] I don’t know how you can expect one to stay the same for 10 years, though.

[+30] He’s supposed to be a player, so maybe he should go down and focus on his career instead.

[+24] Song Ji Hyo fight, please don’t leave the show…

[+20] He’s so old now, it’s not fair to expect the special personality he had when he was younger… but I think it’s time to consider leaving the show.

[+17] I really don’t think viewers just hate hating because I always thought his character wasn’t needed anymore. He cuts the fun in half and says some sick words. I heard he paid tens of thousands for the event, so do you think his performance is worth all that? Not at all. You can use his check to make a fun game room.

[+15] I don’t know why people try to make Song Ji Hyo an exception. All the other members are also busy all the time but still trying to work hard and make the audience laugh on the show. Why are Song Ji Hyo’s fans so quick to defend her? His attitude and lack of work has been an ongoing issue for over five years … and ‘Running Man’ viewers are finally giving up and saying something about it. If you have a co-worker in your team who has done nothing to help but you have to bear it for more than five years, do you really understand?….

[+10] Her co-stars work hard to get enough screen time but Song Ji Hyo does nothing… she just sits there like a flower planted. eaten by someone.

[+8] He only took this long because he was on the Gary/Kim Jong Guk bus…

[+7] He should make an observation. He should look at himself to see his problem.

[+6] Why bother staying on the show if he’s just going to sleep on it? It seems like a way for him to keep the money easy.

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