Shindong reminds everyone that he is also in a relationship

Article: Shindong, “I'm currently in a public relationship…it's not fair that it was announced the day after the news of IU and Lee Jong Suk”

Source: Chosun Games by Nate

[+50] We don't want to know, we ask you to please keep your date private

[+29] Didn't he announce marriage plans in 2010 on 'Strong Hearts'? He is now in his forties, I thought he would be married by now

[+14] Sorry but when I read about Shindong, I think of Nari-ssi

[+6] I think the public doesn't care much about celebrity relationships anymore

[+0] Her main job is in a local organization, her sidekick is meeting parents for marriage talks.

[+0] I thought he was going to get married by now after he called himself the first marriage-doll speech on 'Heartbeat' a long time ago.

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