[INSTIZ] Won't Ilit Min-joo grow significantly into a '4th generation female visual idol'?

She is the prettiest in Illit… She has a pure personality and sings well. And she is the best performer.


Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Won't Illit Minjoo grow greatly as a '4th generation female visual idol'?
1. She looks like an actress, but I don’t know who she is.
>Do you read Yubi? She looks like her. She is very unique yet beautiful.
2. People are already going crazy about his face on Twitter.
3. The iris is very bright hahahahaha But what about the amount of hair in this group?
4. It feels a bit like Ban Hee-soo. (New Jeans Ditto's mysterious female character) It goes really well with the atmosphere of Ditto's music video.
5. But I wonder if that long hair is really her hair and not hair extensions.

6. It's pretty, but surprisingly, it goes well with a strong concept.
7. I’ve been looking for you lately because your voice is so pretty.
8. It was so pretty that I went to all the RUNext stages. She sings well and I really like the color of her voice.
9. People here really can't stop wearing NewJeans…
10. Isn’t it the 5th generation?
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