The rumors suggest Hybe is involved in private talks about a deal with Kim Garam’s accuser

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The rumors suggest Hybe is involved in private talks about a deal with Kim Garam’s accuser

1. If she’s dreamed of becoming a performer from the age of a child and was a child, shouldn’t she at the very least tried to live a good life even if it’s just an act?

2. There’s going to be lots of criticism in the event that they put her back in the group. Hybe should make sure they’re thinking about this thoroughly

3. Hybe continues to defend the attacker

4. The most important aspect of this controversy is whether Hybe chooses to attack the victim another occasion or whether she is not. Everything regarding Kim Garam has already been confirmed and confirmed so her guilt is now beyond discussion.

5. I’m actually impressed by her mental state. The way she got on the road to auditions and teasing her students at school. The insanity at the time.

6. The only solution to stop this scandal is to throw funds at it. Hybe’s only chance is to pay the person who was victimized enough to convince them that the story wasn’t real, and not believe the story in the future…

7. I’m curious if there’s more to this group than we realize.. or is she really influential sponsors to back her. This is bizarre; anyone could discern it’s functioning perfectly without Kim Garam, so why should Hybe keep trying to force Kim into the group, and put them at risk of failing? Isn’t that just a little odd? There’s certainly more to this than what we’re experiencing.

8. Settlement aside, I don’t wish to see her any more. I’ll never be able to accept that a child like her is able to appreciate anything within the entertainment industry. It’s inexcusable that the life of the victim is destroyed.

9. Okay, come up with a deal or something similar and then stop this to be able to let Kim Garam go. A majority of supporters are in favor of five members. The fact that she is back right now will only lead the group to the next round of fandom warfare between fans who favor 5 and those who are in support of six.

10. If even foreign fans wish to see her removed from the club, you can see it’s a very serious matter. The majority of foreign fans are of a different outlook than us and believe that the majority of celebrity scandals are just’something that could be a possibility’ and are prepared to allow stars to pass over them (because foreign stars have worse scandals and are in a way that is acceptable to them). …). Foreigners who have turned their backs to her implies that she’s left with the option of leaving not just Le Sserafim but the industry for the better… There’s a lot of evidence to be able for even foreigners to protect in this moment.

11. Perhaps Hybe might change their minds when they see Le Sserafim flourish in the 5th position and receive awards, and then all that slow down when they return her. Hybe is a non-profit business and their revenue is more important than one of their members?

12. If Hybe is really trying to erase all of this with a deal in money, they are an affront to all the victims who will have to be living with a false memory of what transpired.


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