Freezia displays her abs in a fresh Instagram story

1. So she’s not allowed to work out? It’s not like she was involved in some horrific crime deserving of death. People must put an end to their hatred.

2. Oh, I didn’t realize being in reflection meant you couldn’t leave your house.

3. What did Freezia do wrong? You don’t mind watching TV shows featuring actual criminals, but you’re so harsh on her.

4. Enough with the vile hatred; now you’re really hating on her for working out while reflecting? I recall people mocking her for wearing white while making kimchi.

5. What is there to dislike about her? Enough already.

6. So, did people expect her to stay at home while she reflected, as some hikikomori do? She can do exercise and that is her right! What the hell?

7. To be honest, there are many more celebrities who have done far worse than Freezia and still manage to keep their heads held high on television.

8. I don’t believe anyone is judging her for working out during her reflection. It’s that she’s back to trying to make money just when she claimed to be in reflection.

9. She should visit her beloved China and eat a lot of pao cai.

10. Hate comments that cross the line are wrong, but we have every right to say we despise her if we do.

11. The national rule requiring celebrities to return to the public eye within six months of their scandal.


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