Fans beg Dean to post a statement

Article: “Is Dean alive?” The media is appealing for an explanation to singer Dean

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+732] Dean.. please bring one more

[+396] Dean – Instagram
I know tomorrow will come
but can’t put my phone down
Sleep refuses to come, of course
and I’m back on Instagram

[+131] When will you come again? We are all waiting…

[+67] I’m sure he’ll handle it…no news good news ? Dean is ❤️

[+61] DinDin is promoting twice as much for him

[+56] I’m going to be sick, please bring me a new album

[+30] His song ‘Instagram’ is so bad… and D…

[+22] Who is he? Does he have a huge ego or something?
– [+52] He has many songs. You like Zico, right? Imagine that and more.
– [+140] I wouldn’t call it niche. His songs are #1 on the pop charts… you probably weren’t around growing up. He hasn’t released any new music which seems to be another sign that he has been forgotten. Dean, please give me your album…

[+8] Please

[+7] I’m so glad I went to all his shows when he was active ㅠㅠ

[+5] Where is he and what is he doing

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