[PANN] It’s just that it’s really Yena’s new song.. It’s shocking.

Even in his previous promo, he said that he paid homage to Olivia’s Good 4 U with his lyrics and I can see Olivia’s influence in his music to some extent, but this time he cheekily called his song ‘Hate Rodrigo’ which is a little shocking. .;

Of course, the song doesn’t hate Olivia and the content of her song sounds great to me (but if it really was a hate song, it would have been problematic), but it’s not like Olivia didn’t have fans either. and these two aren’t even close, but I’m really wondering if this is really something to do with an 03-liner that’s only debuted for 2 years… As an Olivia fan, I’m a little annoyed

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Article: It really is Yena’s new song.. It’s shocking.

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Just think if the roles were reversed. Imagine if a foreign singer made tributes to her concept and then randomly wrote a song called ‘Hate Izone’ or ‘Hate Choi Yena’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ her fans would be in an uproar..

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that’s how it is. She’s not paying homage to Madonna or Lady Gaga and even Taylor or Ariana, she should have second thoughts about this. But she’s using Olivia Rodrigo as symbolism for herself. Why would she use her name…?

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+ Lxxk 2 U is harsh because he copied everything from Good 4 U from the title to the content of the song and the whole vibe… If you look at it in a positive way, you could call it a homage or a shoutout, but really, it’s feels like a Chinese copy of a foreign pop song. You are not plagiarizing, but you are copying all the references.

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But the concept is actually a bit shocking. No matter what the content is, just with the title ‘I hate Rodrigo’, you can feel that it is attacking her. Aren’t you going to use your name for all your challenges and promotions? Also, the fact that her company has approved this is interesting because it’s not like Olivia Rodrigo is a nobody. She is someone who has charted at number 1 on Billboard multiple times and has even gone on world tours. That’s how many fans she has. I’m surprised they accepted this kind of concept. To be honest, if Japan or another country released a song called ‘Hate IU/ Bangtan/ BP’, but said “the content is not a diss~” but kept promoting the song, their fans would go crazy.

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Olivia was also a rising star for a while and to say that this is just a “simple reference” is… The whole concept for Smile was when pop-punk was popular, but its starting point reminded me of Good 4 U .and Lxxk 2 U was just an open homage… if she only did this with one song, it might have been fine, but do it multiple times, right?

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