Fans are divided on HYBE in addition to Source Music’s brand new girl band logo and title ‘LE SSERAFIM’

1. Her voice similar to Heo Yun Jin’s.

2. Do I have to be the only one to think that it’s not a good idea? The thumbnail is also bad and the moment the woman calls out “LE SSERAFIM” it’s akin to a cosmetics brand advertising.

3. Does it sound like the voice of the member? I believe it’s Heo Yun Jin’s voice.

4. The name of the group and logo are both intriguing. I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement! When will they announce the cast members?

5. It’s like a makeup ad.

6. In all honesty, I do not like the design.

7. Finally. I’m eager to meet Chae Won soon, I am eagerly awaiting their new concept.

8. Are they a cosmetics brand?

9. The voice is Heo Yun Jin’s voice, isn‘t it? Amazing, I’ve been waiting for her.

10. Yun Jin, Chae Won! Cheers!


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