Today’s Show Champion #1 Encore

1. The dark brief hair… the primary vocal seemed as they had been suffering from a really tough period as the song is very high, the black short hair really can not sing.

2. I am astonished at how terrible they had been…

3. People who uncovered this particular okay… I want to find out who you happen to be fangirling over

4. Not to mention no matter whether they did well or not, the high pitched parts in the chorus honestly harm my ears

5. Park Jiwon and also Song Hayoung did very well.

6. The person which I loved in Idol School (LHY) was obviously a target from the rigging, to believe that she could have hit huge makes me very disappointed…

7. Considering that when this have become the standard….

8. The top notes are extremely high so it is achievable to be challenged, however just how can somebody struggle actually hitting a note in their own song?

9. Perhaps even commoners could seem like that by simply heading quack quack

10. Just how they are singing with no trust makes it a whole lot worse.

11. However even various other groups, throughout encores just the great children are succeeding and those that do not suck or are only on mute, so what is the difference? Could it be because the pattern for idols these days have been performance? I feel that all idols’ vocals are really a disappointment.

12. Shame

13. Park Jiwon did great, was not she the chief vocal in JYP?? The short hair however…

14. People keep stating the chorus is pretty high, however that is the perception they are providing. I do not have any idea if this’s regarded as great in its entirety, though the short hair was actually really severe.

15. I feel as though no one of them reach the key correctly… And one is really acute.


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