Industry insiders say it has become an unspoken custom for celebrities to smoke indoors.

article: Jenny's indoor smoking controversy… Staff explains “it is an industry tacit practice”

source: X Sports News via Nate

[+173, -2] She pretends to be polite and kind in front of the camera, but inside the house, she turns around and blows smoke in the faces of her employees ———- All these celebrities care about is money and fame.

[+106, -6] Do you really think this can protect her? Her true colors have already been revealed.

[+86, -1] No one cares if this is the industry standard. Jenny is at a level where she can make real change as a celebrity and she knows better than that. She has to lead the change so it doesn't become the standard.

[+68, -1] Blowing smoke in someone's face is something you only see in movies when a thug loan shark is trying to blackmail people into giving him money. Her character is amazing.

[+44, -3] So, just because a celebrity does it, it's okay? It's still cancerous.

[+10, -0] It's so funny, the arrogance of these celebrities is through the roof because everyone considers this behavior to be the “norm.”

[+7, -1] People like her will never succeed. It's unfortunate that we live in a world where she is.

[+6, -0] We have similar personalities, right? Haha. Irene and I are close friends, and Irene was caught yelling at her staff too…

[+3, -0] I don't understand why she can't have a quick smoke before putting on makeup. She needs to know that you can't 100% trust the people around you… Her fans would be very upset at how careless she is.

[+3, -0] All you need to see someone's true self is a video.

[+1, -4] It's commendable that she at least acknowledged it and apologized right away. So many celebrities deny it or pretend it never happened and think it's okay.

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