[PANN] Winter is releasing New Genes album on Bubble haha.

-I also received the album…
– They gave us ours too… This was taken by leaning it against the wall(?)

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Article: New Genes album released in Winter Bubble haha

One. [+96, -7]
Imagine taking on the challenge right now with NewJeans in the HYBE building. It is natural that SM and Espa sided with New Jeans and Min Hee-jin.
2. [+94, -3]
Even in the winter, when HYBE and SM had a bad relationship because of Lee Soo-man, he said in a Circle Chart interview that he would definitely listen to Hype Boy by New Genes haha. He seems to be the type that doesn't care about that. He stands on his own land with things.
(The song I listen to the most!)
three. [+79, -12]
I am a fan of NewJeans and am very grateful to them. But I'm worried that Le Seraphim fans will attack Winter…
4. [+69, -1]
I love both groups❤️
5. [+43, -1]
Ah… I like it so much haha. It's nice to see you both succeed.
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