Aren’t they extremely wrong for what they are doing to Hyosung?

Within the sign: Yup noona, we are not purchasing your feminist coins ” (Note: quite simply Hyosung launched a comment stating she does not really feel secure around dating [Korean] males and also increased attention regarding dating violence)

I’ve zero interest to feminism, though I have shocked watching the Youtube short In case you saw the clip, it is only a number of males giggling between on their own and also mocking her?
You are able to clearly audibly hear the laughing sounds..

What the? Is it truly the earth we are living in now??
This’s really irregular

1. [+641, -4]

Anonymous 1: The dumb females are not the people that become feminist, it is the dumb guys turning entirely sane females into feminists, though males will be the only people not aware of thatㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ for real

Anonymous 2: Enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anynomous 3: I am voting you up silently since I agree with the fact

Anonymous 4: The reality is… they are dumb…
Anonymous 5: That is what I have been saying ㅠㅠ

2. [+560, -13]
This particular clip is definitely the explanation why feminism exists f*ck this’s terrible

3. [+223, -1]
Really I do not comprehend the reason why females get hated on for saying “I feel afraid getting home”. The simple fact that they are driving sworn at for the comment is sad itself ㅠ Why are males meddling into females issues??

4. [+172, -0]
Jung Hyosung claimed she is afraid of roads during the night and individuals began calling the feminist of her due to that. Jun Hyosung was once an idol and she’s seen intense fans and also sasaeng fans herself, that is the reason she was making this particular comment. Are they not able to know that?’;;

5. [+164, -10]
This’s our national strength, children like them supporting stuff that way ㅋㅋ;;

6. [+149, -0]
Could Hyosung sue them just for this?


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