[PANN] Preview Pictures Of BLACKPINK Headlining At Hyde Park Festival In UK


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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Preview pictures of Blackpink headlining the Hyde Park festival in the UK.

1. [+15, -1] This time Jisoo’s pictures were legendary… If you watch the video, you’ll see that the wind is very supportive of Jisoo.

2. [+6, -1] All 65,000 seats sold outㄷㄷ As expected, they are the best abroad.

3. [+6, -0] Blackpink is great ♡

4. [+5, -1] Blackpink seemed to cry while performing~ Lots of Brits went there.

5. [+5, -0] Jenny is crazy.

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