Seo In-young divorces after one year of marriage…

article: Seo In-young divorces after one year of marriage despite her husband's wife

source: OSEN via Nate

[+101, -3] Hahahahahahahahahaha ???? I don’t think anyone expected this to come~

[+74, -1] I'm sorry, Inyoung, but I think 90% of the people guessed that… I wonder when that will happen.

[+56, -0] Perhaps the most unsurprising news about divorce recently.

[+35, -0] I knew it would

[+13, -3] We predicted it ~ Good luck in the next chapter of your life

[+7, -0] Who could bear her? She just has to live alone.

[+7, -0] I think it would be strange for someone like that to stay married for a long time…

[+2, -0] It was predicted too seriously

[+2, -0] Is anyone surprised?

[+1, -0] In the end, all divorce rumors turned out to be true…

[+0, -0] I don't know how many men can handle a personality like that lol. We all knew this would happen.

[+0, -0] Who can handle her?

[+0, -0] As soon as the news of her marriage came out…we all expected a divorce.

[+0, -0] She is so stubborn that she needs someone willing to accept her strong personality.

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