After 4 years BAP Himchan acknowledges sexual harassement

1. It appears that he was Himchan.

“Himchan” means strong.

2. BAP I’ve been a while since I’ve heard the name.

3. Whatever salon he visits it is a salon that really does his makeup very perfectly.

4. Are these images of the identical person?

5. Please stop tarnishing the BAP’s brand name.

6. The science of physiognomy.

7. It was a lot longer than it needed to. He could have admitted the truth from the beginning since the chances were he’d be arrested for lying. As a result of your crime, you’ll not be able to take on any task, not even the singing profession.

8. At some point, BAP was more popular than BTS in the past, and many believed that Bang Yong Guk was the next person to be followed by GD… It’s regrettable that this group was unable to make it.

9. Don’t believe all the things you see in idols… You’ll be shocked and disgusted of them if they knew the real person inside.

10. There are a lot of idols who commit crime these days, ruining the memories that their fans share.


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