[INSTIZ] Winter went to the ITZY concert

Today I went to the ITZY concert this winter.

I think I went alone today because of my schedule.

Karina and Giselle went yesterday!

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Winter went to the ITZY concert.

1. Winter, who invited her???

2. I heard that ITZY and aespa members are close.

3. He seems close to Ryujin, and I think he invited me because the members are all friends.

4. It looks like a puppy

5. Did you have any personal plans yesterday?

6. I didn't go with the members yesterday, and I went alone today, so I think I have a schedule.

7. Wow, it’s so cute!

8. I also went to the ITZY concert… I want to go…
9. Winter is so cute

10. It’s nice to be a close friend.

11. I like friendship between female idols.
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