[THEQOO] Aespa Karina attending today's pop-up event

[THEQOO] <a href=aespa Karina attending today's pop-up event

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: aespa Karina at today's pop-up event.

1. Hey Jimin ????????

2. The blue suits you well… ???? You’re so pretty Jimin ahhh

3. She looks more like a doll

4. I’m glad it’s shiny.

5. The proportions are impressive.

6. His pants are nice

7. So damn pretty…

8. Find your strength

9. It may be hard for Karina's fans, but to me, dating rumors only make her sexier and give her a celebrity image… I don't think fans need to worry about that.
10. It’s so pretty!
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