Internet users are in awe about BTS’ Seoul concert announcement

The date and the time are:

March 10 2022 (Thursday) 7 pm (KST) Online simultaneously and in person

March 12 2022 (Saturday) 6:45 at 6:00 pm (KST)) simultaneously in person and at certain movie theaters around the world.

March 13 2022 (Sunday) at 6:00 pm (KST) Online simultaneously and in person

In Seoul’s Olympic Stadium

1. How can I obtain an opportunity to sit? The cost is insane

2. Please make me a seat. Please, please

3. I would love to attend a BTS concert.

4. Finally!

5. Finally. First off I’m going to have to think I can stream it online and I’m so happy.

6. Ahh, you’re crying. I’d like to be able to see BTS in the near future.

7. Don’t delay it I’d like to attend the BTS concert!

8. Finally, Finally

9. Please allow me to sit. I had a chance to win tickets to a concert earlier but the show was cancelled. So I’d like to be seated again this time.

10. I’m not an ARMY, however, I would like to attend a BTS concert. I enjoy all of their music


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