[THEQOO] Melon ranking progression of Twice's pre-release 'I Got You'

[THEQOO] Melon ranking progression of <a href=TWICE's pre-release 'I Got You'
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Article: Melon ranking progression of TWICE's pre-release 'I Got You'

1. This song is so good

2. The song is so good that I have been listening to it every day.

3. I feel like JYP has lost their touch recently… I also don't understand why they don't do any marketing.

4. The song is so good that I listen to it on the way to work every day 🙂

5. I didn't even know they released a song. I'll go listen to it

6. The song is very good.

7. It's impressive that they haven't disbanded after 10 years and are still promoting.

8. No, but why does TWICE have so many enemies? To be honest, there are hardly any groups that promote this often after 10 years of their career, so it's funny that people look down on them for their result ă…‹ă…‹ă…‹ Just try to think if your prejudice would last even 10 yearsă…Žă…Ž

9. I've been listening to the song a lot because it's so good and the Lauv remix version is also fucking good, so I hope a lot of people listen to it.

10. The song is very good ? Ignore the haters
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