Lee Ki-kwang explained the controversy surrounding his acting in ‘Marry My Husband’.

article: Lee Ki-kwang, dialect 'sweating on my back' due to acting controversy

source: Sports Chosun, via Nate

[+36, -1] Kikwang-ah's acting was a bit lacking… Be thankful that you only received half the hate you should have received for BoA. I changed the channel because of the dialect acting..

– Haha, be quiet.

– That's right, BoA took the focus off lol. The original webtoon character was so attractive, but they couldn't bring it to life.

[+29, -1] The dialect isn't the problem, it's just the appearance that always surprises me. The eyes are big and the nose is big and there are too many of them on one screen.

– His acting felt like something out of a musical. I'm really curious where he got his training.

[+22, -1] It's obvious that the procedure was done in a hurry ahead of the drama, but the face looks very unnatural. And I have no idea where he learned that dialect… it's really messed up. The three thugs were speaking the Daegu dialect they had learned, and Gikwang sounded like a Seoulite imitating the dialect of an unidentified region.

[+8, -1] Yeah, please don't act like a dialect again, it was the worst thing I've ever seen.

[+8, -1] I also wish the industry would take dialects more seriously rather than trying to hold them to people who are not willing to participate in the study of dialects. This was unbearable.

[+0, -0] It's not like he had any minor role to play, and it distracted me from focusing on everything else.

[+0, -0] I liked her face better before, but now she looks so awkward

[+0, -0] Are you okay-? You are truly amazed. I'm so sorry.

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