[THEQOO] Le Seraphim Yunjin Heo attended the Mac event today.

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If you look at what she posted on her IG, you can see that she became a model for MAC.
“We’ve waited a long time!
We look forward to future fantastic trips with Jin Yun. Raise a glass to your new love with MAC.
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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Le Seraphim Heo Yun-jin attended the Mac event today.

1. Goddess of warm tones
2. Is there something on your lips? I'm really curious, it's really beautiful.

3. Seriously, she looks great with blonde hair.
4. Wow, a sexy girl who perfectly matches Mac’s image.

5. Yunjin somehow seems like the perfect model for a downtown makeup brand, but is it because the American image is too strong? lol

6. Sexy girl… I think red hair suits her well.

7. Wow, Mac is perfect hahahahahaha A true American hot girl.


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