(Nate) "So they demoted her to selling vacuum cleaners." Han So-hee wins the world model spot with 'Shark'

Source: Nate / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Han So-hee becomes a world model with ‘Shark’

[+288, -28] Yeah, I don't think so.

[+192, -20] Since it is an American brand, you may not know what its image is here haha. There are many other female celebrities who are prettier and have better attitudes and personalities.

[+155, -20] Hahaha, of course I won't buy anything with that person's face.

[+119, -19] So you've been relegated to a job selling small brand vacuum cleaners sold in European supermarkets? Hahahahahahaha

[+29, -3] Hahaha, now that all the advertisements have disappeared due to the bad image, I think they ordered the agency to quickly announce this news hahaha.

[+29, -2] shark? Hahaha, not even Dyson? Haha, are you posting this as news? [exclusiva]?

[+23, -1] There's nothing impressive about being a shark model. In general, the success measures of female celebrities are beauty advertisements, fashion brand advertisements, beverage brands, etc.

[+19, -2] Most hated celebrity.

[+17, -2] Why does Shark want to appear to be on the same level as Samsung, Apple and Dyson? Most people don't even know what brand Shark is?

[+14, -2] Ah, it's OSEN again.

[+7, -1] A damaged image is not easily repaired. If she had always been nicer to her reporters, maybe they wouldn't still be attacking her on her news.

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