Fans criticize Kim Jones for his ill-mannered treatment of An Yu-jin?

article: ‘Hate comments’ on An Yu-jin… Fashion director makes fans angry

source: Chosun Ilbo, via Nate

[+58, -4] Kim Jones is gay…

[+48, -7] People are overreacting. Go and take a look at photos of these international celebrities. Everyone takes pictures like this. Tsk tsk, this kind of dexterity only exists in our country. Why would you expect a foreigner to know about manner hands? Ugh, I'm embarrassed.

[+35, -7] Manners are so pointless. In fact, they are sometimes ridiculed by foreigners. Why do people imprison foreign gay celebrities according to our regulations?

[+15, -3] It might have been controversial if he had touched Cha Eun-woo…

[+4, -1] Manners are a ridiculous concept to begin with.

[+2, -0] I don't know about scandals like this, but Ahn Yujin is really cool~

[+2, -2] No, even foreigners know this is inappropriate. He could have put his hand on her back, why go there????

[+2, -2] If you want to defend our culture to foreigners, stay home and stop going out. Foreigners laugh at our manners culture hahahaha

[+2, -2] i am jealous of him

[+1, -1] Shame on anyone who calls this a “bad hand”

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