[THEQOO] Kim Sae-ron directly expressed her position regarding Kim Soo-hyun's photo.

Kim Sae-ron said in a phone call with My Daily on the 25th, “We are currently organizing our official position. We will inform you of our position as soon as it is finalized.”
Kim Sae-ron posted a selfie taken with actor Kim Soo-hyun on her SNS in the early morning of the 24th. Kim Sae-ron quickly deleted the photo, but it spread through various online communities, sparking rumors of her dating Kim Soo-hyun.
On this day, Kim Soo-hyun's agency, Gold Medalist, said, “Kim Soo-hyun's dating rumors are groundless. The photos currently spreading online appear to have been taken in the past while under the same agency.” “The rumors of her dating Sae-ron Kim are groundless,” she said. It was reported that she “is completely unaware of the intentions of her actions.”
He added, “Due to the photo in question, there are many misunderstandings and unnecessary speculations about the actor, and we will take legal action against malicious, defamatory, and insulting posts that have damaged the character and reputation of the actor.” He then emphasized, “We will respond strongly through our legal representative.”


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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Kim Sae-ron directly expressed her position regarding Kim Soo-hyun's photo.

1. Is this really necessary?
2. Why is she like this?
three….? Can't you just say she posted the photo by accident? What “statement” should I prepare?
4. I think it would be an apology.
5. Kim Soo-hyun’s company stress is increasing.
6. I don't like Kim Soo-hyun either, but she's ready to throw shit at him.
7. Notice of statement hahaha. I think it would be better to sue Kim Soo-hyun's agency as soon as possible.
8. His remarks will blow everything away.
9. Is this some kind of comeback notice?
10. Hahahahahahahahahahaha ?????????
11. Do it after Monday.
12. Please live your own life ㅜㅜ.ㅜㅜ
13. The person who gets the most attention haha
14. This is the first time I've seen a preview of the statement.
15. What else are you trying to do?
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