Hye-rim exposes her husband's stubbornness in refusing to attend church

article: '4 years of marriage' Woo Hye-rim “Shin Min-cheol, I'm worried because he doesn't go to church… he's too stubborn.”

source: X Sports News via Nate

[+287, -18] Why are you forcing religion on that person? I wish Christians would just keep it to themselves rather than always forcing it on others…

[+147, -6] Who do you think has the bigger problem here? A person who forces religion on someone, or a person who forces religion on someone? Please use your brain…

[+98, -9] Force yourself to stop and go to heaven alone~~

[+79, -4] Once you start forcing religion on someone, it makes you no different from a cult.

[+45, -7] If you want to force that person to join your religion, it would be a good idea to cook for that person's dead ancestors every holiday.

[+10, -2] Why do people who love Jesus always force their beliefs on others?

[+8, -2] This is why people find religious things annoying.

[+7, -2] I don't think it's right for her to talk about him like this on a TV show. It's not like she didn't know he wasn't religious before she decided to marry him. It's really disgusting how people force their religion on others for their own satisfaction.

[+6, -2] The only stubborn person here is you who won't listen to him saying he's an atheist.

[+5, -2] Love doesn't conquer all. Marriage is especially difficult when religious beliefs differ. Living together is impossible.

[+4, -1] Don't force your religion on others…

[+3, -1] She says she hates how stubborn he is, but doesn't realize she's a stubborn person for refusing to let it go. Shin Min-cheol is a Buddhist himself. Would he be happy if I forced him to go to the temple with me every weekend?

[+3, -1] People are free to believe what they want! Stop forcing it!

[+1, -1] I couldn't live with someone who required me to go to church every Sunday.

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