People react after watching LE SSERAFIM 2022 “FEARLESS” Show

1. I’m looking forward to this. I’m hoping the song and the music video is well-chosen. It’s my first time I’ve seen Chaewon and Sakura in this way, it’s odd. They match this concept well. This is so different from what I’ve known about them. They’re like the newcomers to the world. It’s amazing! I’ve missed Chaewon on the stage.

2. It’s like the concept of the model However, I think that Chaewon and Sakura aren’t big enough Is that right? I’m interested in the height of the other members The other members look tall.

3. Kazuha is a model She’s lovely. she grabs my attention, and I’m not concerned what the rest of them think, I only think of her.

4. We need to remove the disruptive school member out of the school. They’re all pretty however, what a waste of time.

5. It’s far superior to the old model and the students are pretty, however I dislike the school’s violent member.

6. It’s similar to an advert for a perfume during the 2000s.

7. I’m not sure what this notion actually means.

8. Wow Kazuha looks like a professional model.

9. Huh Yunjin appears to have an abundance of talent and appears to be doing the best. Kazuha is gorgeous too.

10. It’s as if quality comes from a small business.


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