[THEQOO] hani, "wedding look" It looks so comfortable… even the open pose.

EXID member Hani (31)'s comfortable appearance as a wedding guest is a hot topic.

On the 20th, EXID Hani posted several photos presumed to have been taken in the bride's waiting room on her SNS with the caption “Kang Min-ju~~ Oh Oh.”

Many netizens gave somewhat disappointing reviews, such as “I thought they were dressed too casually and edited. I can't believe it,” and “They compare too much to other members.”

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Hani, the ‘wedding look’ looks so comfortable… Even open poses.

1. Does he look that pretty?
2 What? Who cares? At a wedding, the bride's appearance should be of utmost importance.
3. I don’t think my girlfriend and husband would have cared.
4. Who cares? I seriously write articles about everything.
5. The reporter is more uncomfortable – yah
6. Haha… the reporters really told me to hate it… I guess they agreed on the attire ㅜㅜ
7. Oh, leave it alone. I probably dressed up as usual.
8. What is the problem? ㅡㅡ
9. Personally, I think it’s a bit rude.
10. No, but at a wedding, everyone dresses however they want… as long as they have fun.
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