Jyp’s brand new rookie girl group Nmixx’s concept image is available!




Everyone is welcome to be patient and look forward to their first single.

In the order of the image

Bae, Jiwoo

Jinni, Sullyoon

Kyujin, Haewon


In the order of the image

Lily, Kyujin, Sullyoon, Jiwoo

Bae, Jinni, Haewon


1. Likes Aespa

2. Jiwoo is seriously pretty

3. JYP really has a kind of. I’ve seen a lot of JYP female idols faces here

4. They sort of look normal. They seem like they’re

5. Why do they appear increasingly like a mid-sized agency as time passes ?… they ought to be more similar to YG and grow more sophisticated and creative with the passage of time.. Perhaps like SM who is more innovative and distinctive

6. I love Jiwoo’s pouty face so very much. Pretty!

7. Their photographer’s abilities are similar to Aespa’s skills, but at a lower cost.

8. Aren’t these are cheapy?


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