My friend keeps posting photos of me when I was heavier

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“My friend keeps posting photos of the past times which i was heavier in our Katalk group chat. “

I have lost 30kg, so you could say that I am halfway there. People in my group chat know I was heavier.

That person keeps posting things like “Wow, this was XX a year ago” or “Your expressions are brighter”, while posting photos of me. It makes me feel s*ty. I would joke about saying things like “Please hide my past from me”, but she would respond that “you shouldn’t forget your past.” It’s annoying that she keeps reminding me of it.

My friend keeps posting photos of me when I was heavier

1. This is not a friend…

2. Jealousy. It seems like you look a lot prettier since weight loss. It must be very hurtful for her to do this, even though you know she is jealous.

3. Is it her right to take pictures of you before you die to remind you? Are you being gaslighted? She is a crazy b*tch. You should immediately cut all ties with her

4. You are all aware of her motives for posting these photos, I am sure. She is becoming more attractive due to weight loss.

5. She does this because she is jealous. It seems like your life has become a lot more beautiful with weight loss.


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