People are talking about GOT the beat’s members dancing abilities after watching  ‘Step Back’ Dance Practice

1. At last!!

2. If you check out Taeyeon’s hair color, you’ll notice that it’s an entirely new style

3. BoA dances so well, she’s like a dancing machine

4. Taeyeon’s dance looks so beautiful

5. Wow! Hyoyeon is so talented She is a dancer who dances flawlessly

6. Yes, but BoA is really skilled in dancing.

7. I like Wendy’s dance

8. Taeyeon and Winter meet in the eye and smile cute Yuyuyu

9. I’m certain BoA, Hyoyeon, Seulgi are all good. It’s because they’re dancers.

10. Personally, I think that Karina is a good dancer and Wendy is gorgeous.

11. Wow Karina’s proportions really are great.

12. Wow I can only be able to see Seulgi as professional dancers.


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