[THEQOO] Boa Addresses Hatred of Her Appearance in 'Marry My Husband' Directly on Livestream

(T/N: There were a few articles that talked about how she looks very different on the show, especially the appearance of her lips)

The upper lip? Oh, actually, I have a bit of this habit.
So it must have spread (up to the lip area) by then.
Many people worry about my lips, but are they normal?
No need to worry~.
My lips are fine~ㅋㅋ

I feel like a lot of people are interested in my appearance these days, so (slurring).

You can just give constructive criticism about her performance, so why make up all kinds of rumors and personal attacks about her appearance and ask her what's wrong with her lips?

BoA already knows everything and addresses it indirectly today live

He speaks pleasantly because he has a cheerful and down-to-earth personality, but constructive criticism for acting and judging one's appearance is different.

I hope you realize that people who judge your appearance are really off base.

He said he got braces last year and it's true he did.
The only reason he was talking about his upper lip was because there were so many comments about it that he had to clarify by staining his upper lip.

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Boa Addresses Hatred of Her Appearance in 'Marry My Husband' Directly on Livestream.

1. The hate was too severe, she honestly wasn't that bad.

2. Honestly, there are a lot of things he has to fix in terms of acting, but there really is a problem when people comment on his appearance. that's just hate.

3. It seems like you read all the comments.

4. However, he did better than I thought. As someone who saw her face in performance, I felt like I was seeing a new side of her. You might feel weird thinking she was “BoA”, so I think if you look at her as a “newbie actress”, she was just average. I enjoyed her performance

5. The shape of her lips is cute… haters, fuck each other

6. There are a lot of problems with his acting, but I think people say that he doesn't use his facial muscles to express himself properly. I don't understand why he wants to pursue acting so much. It seems like she finds it difficult to look at herself objectively even after spending more than 20 years in the industry…

7. She needs to change beauty salons… In every scene, her upper lip is all smudged and she looks like she has stage makeup. It took me a lot to immerse myself in it.

8. Ugh, there are so many nasty people in the comments here.

9. Does she look exactly the same as the BoA I met? What changed”?;;;

10. It's amazing how the hate commenters here still pretend like they're not writing hate comments.
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