Taeyeon’s MV ‘INVU’ showed up on TV commercial

The third full album, ‘INVU” gonna be dropped on February 14th.

1. Wow, that music video is amazing

2. The music is fantastic. I’m eagerly awaiting the release of this song.

3. I’m excited to see the complete version. I really like it.

4. I already like the music

5. Wow, the song is insane!

6. Is Artemis the name of the game? I really like the concept.

7. She’s beautiful and she sings well.

8. Wow! Taeyeon is gorgeous The song is great and the choreography is beautiful and the idea is very clear this time. I’m eagerly awaiting the release.

9. The music is great while the dance choreography beautiful.

10. Taeyeon always manages to showcase many different styles every time she returns. She’s incredible! !

11. The song is much better than I imagined. It’s my preference, the music video is also great.


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