The outfits of NMIXX’s on Inkigayo are getting mixed opinions

1. The outfits they wear are bizarre and I’m not a fan. I simply stare at the faces of their models. They’re all gorgeous.

2. No. Jiwoo’s legs look huge. What is the reason she’s dressed in that way?

3. It’s true that the NMIXX group is beautiful however their outfits aren’t the best.

4. What’s wrong with the hair of Bae? I recognize her face but I do not recognize her.

5. I think their attire is good. They’re in tune with the idea of the song.

6. Jiwoo’s outfit doesn’t look good. Bae and Sullyoon’s ensembles look nice.

7. What is the 2nd member to the left? Her outfit looks so bad.

8. They are so beautiful on stage. It fits the theme of the song perfectly.

9. I was watching on stage, and I thought that their costumes were stunning.

10. Sullyoon has been named the central point, so they appear so much better.


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